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installing binding posts on an old amp

i absolutely adore my vintage jvc amp.  great sound, tons of wattage, great phono input, etc.  my only source of dissatisfaction is the speaker terminals.  does anyone have experience putting something like the cardas binding posts into older gear?  i'd love to be able to use bananas on decent speaker wire.  any suggestions are welcome.

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adding binding posts

I installed Cardas binding posts on an old Eico HF-89 that I rehabbed a while back. You can view pictures of it at if you are interested. You will need some metal working tools (holes for the Cardas posts will need to be drilled) and a soldering iron, or better yet a high wattage gun (Cardas posts have a lot of metal and take some heat to solder) and some soldering skills. I would also recommend using the older Cardas quad eutectic solder with lead. It flows better and will leave a better connection. If I remember correctly, you will need to remove the posts from the plastic base to solder leads to them. You don't what to melt the base! Good luck.

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