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At $13,000, the word 'underwhelmed' comes to mind. Publishing that picture doesn't do Sooloss any favors. Judging by the hardware, the software must be pretty magical to justify that price.

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I agree with Bob B, without some magical software this is nothing more as my home PC with external sound card (80$), witch also has external power supply (bought in industrial shop for 50$)- a goooood one ;)

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This is the saddest piece of equipment that I've ever seen. :-(

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I guess the question is does your $10K cd player do or sound as good as the Sooloos does? Most of us who look inside CD players don't see very much either, with the drive mostly stock CD-ROMs only.

When the price comes down, as it most assuredly will, what is an acceptable price for what the Sooloos does? $3000 to $4500? The slick software and the user friendly touch screen offers more than most $10K cd players.

I have no doubt this type of device is the future. It will be something up front of a Benchmark, Apogee, Lucid, RME, or some other great DAC.

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