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Inherited sweet multi-room system (cicra 1993!) can I use anything?

Any advice would be much appreciated! I have about 8 or 9 zones including 3 outdoor zones. I was thinking of getting a Sonos system. I think all the speakers are OK and all the speaker wires come into a nexus behind a stack of high-end components dating back to the early 90s. Can any of this be used? If so, how??? (besides as paperweights)!

1) Audioaccess PX-612 Multiroom amp (2 of these)

2) Audioaccess PX-600 Multiroom preamp controller

3) NAD Monitor Series Stereo Amp 2700

4) Adcom GSA 700

5) Adcom Mosfet GFA 5300

6) Crestron IIMS



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