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Day Radebaugh
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Infinity Beta amps

Running a set of Infinity Betas out here in Kansas. Going to install Ayre MX-R Twenty's on the mid-range towers. Have a set of C J Premier 8's, 275W monoblocks that I intend to install on the woofer towers.

Any opinions/suggestions about this combination?


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re: Infinity Beta amps

I'm not sure if your question was already answered Day, but traditionally yes, the IRS-Beta's sound best, and in fact were voiced with big ss amps driving the bass towers & ARC tube amps driving the mid/tweeter towers. The Ayre MX-R Twenty mono's are great amps with good power, and sound fairly neutral. Therefore adding some CJ tubes to the mix should be a nice combo. Though personally I would flip them around & try the Ayre mono's driving the bass towers, and CJ mono's on the mid/high towers.

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