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Incredible Music Machine

The most incredible music machine.



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Hate to burst everyone's

Hate to burst everyone's bubbles, but this is a CGI animation from way back.  I remember seeing the video many years ago as a showcase to some new development in computer imagery.  This is not a real machine.  Would be pretty amazing if it was though! :D

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Last seen: 2 years 11 months ago
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say it ain't so

Now I'm depressed. Probably going to take at least $2,000.00 worth of therapy to get past this.

John Atkinson
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No CGI Here

Check this out. It's all real automatic music making. Dig how they achieved trills!

John Atkinson
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Jen Watterud (not verified)
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Very nice

as usual.

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Thanks John!

That was great!

It's funny how that other video is almost Urban Legend at this point. I've seen it posted around with all sorts of complex "proof" of who did it and how, etc. Like any good myth I guess people just "want" to believe!

Being a computer animator, I recall seeing it's origiaal posting and technical discussion of how it was made. In reality it STILL was a huge amount of work, especially for the times it was created. Today less so, but it would not be somehting anyone would just bang out with a lot of effort even now.

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This( the OP) is from the animusic series...Animusic I and II . Animusic III on bluyray is due out if not already. If your interested get II...I is pretty grainy and a slower in the graphics compared to II. II is incredible..I play it thru the Oppo 95 with its video upscaler and its very close in resolution to a BD...the timing is much better and faster...Gates of Kiev will test any system!!!

yes III is out...

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