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Looks interesting, but it'd be a lot better to have what the equipement is, especially those funky speakers! Too bad it's a bit cluttered up on the lower shelves- the equipment looks quite elegant.

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All the equipment is built by my self. Speaker are acrylic open baffle with custom made speakers, monoblocks are single ended with Russian 6S4S (analog of 6B4G), double-pole ("+" and "-") power supply (tube rectifiers) to avoid capacitors in the signal path, wiring is with DH Labs Insulated pure silver wire AWG-23 (0,6mm) and Jensen Round uninsulated pure silver wire AWG-18 (1mm). The block in the middle is volume regulator (24-stepped attenuator RFT with 1% metal film resisitors)and 4-inputs selector switch. Maximum output power before clipping is about 4,2W/ch. Frequency response is 18Hz-27000Hz, noise and hum are unmeasurable. The messing of the lower floors are normal - for every built amplifier I run a lot of CD`s to judge how good the sound is ;-)

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