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I need a record player!

So I have a stereo system that I am in love with, and I am working on a growing collection of CDs. But I keep hearing that the sound is simply different or even better with records. So I want to get myself a record player that will work with my system so I have the option of playing/buying both CD's and Records. 

I am looking to spend between $200-$500. Will that get me a good one? Do I need a tube amp to hear the difference from a record player?

Here are the other components I have: Preamp - Rotel RC-1550, Amp - Rotel RB-1072, CD Player Rotel RCD-1072.

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I can recommend the Music Hall MMF-2.2

for $450. A very nice entry level unit which has feature which put it above the others.  You don't need a tube amp to get the best out of vinyl.

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