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I listened hi-fi loudspeaker first time and instruments in the air
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MustafaUmutSarac wrote:

I am reading hi-fi magazines for thirty years but I did not find an oppurtunity to listen one of them and own one of them. I have extremelly broad musical taste starts from middle ages to todays electronic analog tape music to southeast asia to africa to turkish classical music to south america.

I always carried an walkman and high end ear phone for 30 years.

I listened an mono altec lansing tower speaker 10 years ago and now its time to ask question.

I found mono tower at the middle of the street, creates a sound where all instruments at the different place in the air.

Can you explain, Am I dreaming or is it a reality and how does it happens.

How an single source of sound creates an environment where each instrument are different places in the air.

Its crazy , wow !!!

Thank you,

Mustafa Umut Sarac

A tower speaker system is not a single speaker; it usually has 3 or 4 separate speakers which are physically separate from each other within a single enclosure, so it is not a "single source of sound".

Various instuments may be reproduced to a different extent by the various speakers within the tower, and their differences in physical location are probably causing some of the effects you are hearing.

Each speaker within the system has a different frequency range, and of course different instuments have varying frequencies.

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