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tom collins
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I got mine; Aerial 7T

My delivery of the magazine ranges month to month, from as early as the 7th to as late as the 22nd.  Just an observation, not a complaint.  I just got lucky this month.

I am usually not critical of the price of gear.  My philosophy is that it is what it is and you buy it or you don't.  But, I have to make an exception for this speaker.

I am an enormous fan of this brand.  I owned Model 6's for a long time and lusted greatly after the higher range models.  I always felt that along with beautifully turned out products that sounded excellent, the brand offered a lot of value.  I will qualify my further comment with the fact that I have not heard these speakers yet, but having read the review I must say:  double the price of the 7B!!!!!  The 7B is still an excellent speaker that is the same size, weight, excellent finish and basically similar specifications.  A bitter pill to swallow indeed.  I will not say more until I have heard it, but it gives one pause.


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