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Hybrid tube pre-amp tweaks

Hi I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.

I have a small problem with my hybrid pre-amp. It is a Chinese amp that uses one russian 6n2p tube.

I would very much like to use other tubes in it as I'd like to get more warmth to my sound. I have a Tung-sol 12ax7 tube that I'd like to use but the problem is that it doesn't have the same power circuit as the 6n2p (here is a picture of the wire system of thouse two tubes).

I orderd a noval adapter to use for this 12ax7 tube in my 6n2p pre-amp (in this forum there is a talk about these adaptors with pictures).

I have two of these noval adaptors one with leg 9 connected to leg 4 and the other to leg 5. when I use the one connected to leg 4 I just get sound from the left speaker and when I use the one connected to leg 5 I just get sound from the right speaker.

Is there anyone knowledgable enough on here that can tell me if these noval adaptors can only be used with mono guitar amps or could I do a little more tweaking to them to make them work in stereo?

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