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How to make a super big Helmholtz resonator

Do you have an issue with low frequency standing waves in your room? Have you tried Tube Traps to no avail? Have you even stacked Tube Traps to no avail? Are you at the end of your rope? Well, now you can finally get rid of that pesky standing wave by building your own very low frequency Helmholtz resonator. Not just any Helmholtz resonator, a super big Helmholtz resonator. A fifteen foot long Helmholtz resonator.

There is an equation for Helmholz resonators somewhere on line. See link below for the Wiki page. The equation includes volume, diameter and length and diameter of the nozzle and velocity of sound in air.

All materials can be obtained at Home Depot including large diameter PVC pipe and purple prep and cement for the PVC pipe sections some of which are 90 degree elbows so you can construct a large S or Z shaped resonator. As I recall I used short sections of PVC between elbows and three four foot sections of PVC. PVC end caps are used to seal both ends of the large S or Z shaped resonator. Remember to insert about a grapefruit size ball of natural hollow wool inside the large S or Z shaped resonator before cementing the last end cap. The nozzle can be a brass fitting threaded on both ends. You will need a drill and reamer so you can screw in the brass fitting into one of the end caps. Stand the finished resonator in the room corner with the nozzle located in the spot where bass energy is greatest.


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