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Just an old punk
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how does phono stage quality compare between vintage pre-amps and modern stand-alones?

I'm looking for opinions on how well old stereo preamp phono stages compare to modern stand-alone phono stages.  I understand it's subjective, but I'm wondering about peoples general thoughts on this.  I've got a Carver CT-7 and I've gotten conflicting reports from various experts on how much I would need to spend to improve on it.  What do you think?  $200, $500, $1,000?  The main reason I'm considering it is that I also have a pretty nifty mod squad passive pre-amp, which I would use exclusively, except that it lacks a phono stage.

If the rest of the stuff matters...

Carver m1.0t power

rotel rcd 1072

Polk Monitor 10's

Pioneer PL-41 with a $100 grado



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You're more likely to get an answer at I use a 1980s luxman intergrated amp for it's phono stage through the tape out. Good sound at a budget price. YMMV.

tom collins
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old preamps

my best listening buddy uses a lightly modified dynaco pas-3 and step-up transformer and it sounds darned good and probably compares well with a current $1,000 unit.  if you buy one usedto try and don't like it, you can probably sell it for the same price.



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