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How do YOU deal with it all?!

Been using a 90's JVC with built-in EQ, a Denon turntable and excellent Philips CD player with some KLH speakers for 15 years straight.  No problems and everything sounds great.

Now moving and attempting to 'modernize' and upgrade my system to incorporate an Apple TV, some streaming, and run the tv set-up as well.

Sound quality and reliability are my foremost concerns.  No - I don't need scientifically measurable noise floors or any extremes regarding sound quality.  But I do need a way to run everything and have it sound great.

Which led me to the better all-in-one AV's like the Marantz 7000's etc. or get into a decent combo separate system like the Outlaw 975/7125 combo (can I loop in a para EQ - and who even makes those any longer?).

***The one caveat is that I absolutely must be able to loop in an external para EQ for 2 channel audio or make adjustments on the fly via a built-in EQ like my old JVC has.***

How do you all deal with all of this without going nuts?  I have no interest in auditioning multiple set-ups at home and running around NYC matching components with speakers.  I will put the time in to get everything dialed in however.


Any help/advice is much appreciated.  I'm just about ready to plug my old set-up in buy a $300 Onkyo at Worst Buy and be done with it (2 systems).  For me - it really is all about the music.]


To all those who have everything dialed in you have my profound respect!

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Simpler is better.

Fix the room and forget about EQ.

JoeE SP9
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You'll put in time to get everything "dialed " in but don't/won't do the same for selecting and buying the gear? Many listeners wish they had as many brick and mortar stores as close and convenient as you. This is from someone who has ridden Amtrak to NYC and Washington DC from Phila. to audition gear.

FWIW, I agree with jackfish.

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