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How do I make my ugly room look more cozy?

Hey everyone,
I am a poor student that is renting a room in a shared house. I thought this would never happen but I've been dating a girl for a few weeks now and she actually likes me back but I am yet to take her to my place. So I actually have to show her where I live and it's pretty bad. It's just a mid sized room with a single bed, a desk, a couch and a wardrobe. All the furniture looks old and ugly. I never really paid attention to how it looks but now when I took a closer look it really looks like shit. The room has white walls and looks kinda empty, dusty, dirty and barren also some paint has been coming off the ceiling. However it's cheap and it's close to where I study and work so I don't really want to move somewhere else anytime soon.

Any tips from my fellow men how I can make it look more friendly, cozy and place where actually any girl wants to hang out without completely destroying my budget which is already pretty low. Thanks guys.

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