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How do I get music from my hard drive to my stereo?

Hello everyone, hoping to get some help with this.  I have been doing some research but I just cannot seem to get a clear understanding of the best way to make this happen.  I would like to be able to access the music and video stored on the hard drive of my computer, such as lossless downloads of my cd collection to itunes, and play them on the home stereo/home theater, and figure out a convenient way to controll/access content.  Ultimately, I would like to be able to control things with my ipad, remote control, iphone, or wireless keyboard.  Jriver seems to be a possible option but I just cant wrap my head around the details. 

Do I need to run a network cable from my computer and somehow connect it to my avr or blue ray player?

Do I need some type of NAS?

I of course want to be able to transfer the content in the highest quality and highest resolution and keep any kind of surround encoding intact.

One drawback I am aware of is that I can only acces content if the PC is up and running, which is why I am considering an NAS type device for 24/7 access without always having the computer on.

Any advice?

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You should use your computer as the center of audio system

You should use your computer as the center of your audio system. Also you need to buy a quality DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) based on USB interface. Then you can play almost any formats except SACD. That's what I am doing for a decade. DAC will provide the following output interfaces;

(1) stereo-RCA

(2) Headphone jack

(3) Toslink interface

Then connect your stereo system through (1) or (3).

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