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How can we get music from an IMac and turntable to work on a simple setup?

Looking for somebody that can help us out on this;

Im looking for speakers for our non pre-ampred record player (Technics SL-BD20D). I've understood that there is a possibility to get a pre-amp and hook it up to an active speaker. We'd prefer this over a whole amplifier unit + passive speakers to keep things simple and small if this would provide equal sound quality. Are there any sets of speakers where we even wouldn't need the pre-amp? Any speakers or setups that you would recommend?
Is it possible to even throw an Imac in there so the sound quality of our computer tunes would improve at the same time?

Our budget is 200-400$. (second hand is an option)

My apologies if I ask silly questions, I know there's a lot of information on the www but it's very overwhelming if you know next to nothing about audio equipment.

Thanks already.

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First, you will need at least a phono preamp to boost the

signal coming from the turntable to line level and apply RIAA equalization. If you will control the output at the active speaker then this would be a minimum solution.

If you want to control output at a box, the TCC TC-750LC phono preamp has variable output from 330mV to 1.8V. How that would work with your active speakers I don't know. There are also some tube phono preamps which are also line preamps that would work.

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