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Home Theatre Bypass with Odyssey Amps/Pre-Amp

Hi Folks,

I am looking to put together a new home system powered by Odyssey Audio components. The system will be used approximately 80% for music and 20% for home theatre applications (movies, HDTV, PS3). As such I want to configure the system to utilize the HT Bypass functionality so that 2-channel source components are not coming through the AV pre/pro. I would appreciate your review of the components listed and what I envision as the correct configuration to achieve this.

Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme Amplifier
Odyssey Khartago 2-Channel Amplifier
Odyssey Candela Preamp w/ HT Bypass Line
AV Pre/Pro (TBD - considering Outlaw Audio 975, Marantz 7005, Marantz 8003, or Integra 80.3 but would welcome any other suggestions)
Odyssey Lorelei Front Speakers
Odyssey Centre Channel
B&W In-Ceiling Rears
Audiolab 8200CD
Music Hall MMF2.2 Turntable
Phono Preamp (TBD)
Reel to Reel (TBD)
Sonos ZP90 Digital Music Streamer
Oppo BDP-103 DVD Player
Shaw Cable Box/PVR
Sony PS3
Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR6 TV

1. Odyssey Lorelei Front Speakers and Odyssey Centre Channel to Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme
2. B&W In-Ceiling Speakers to Odyssey Khartago
3. Odyssey Candela L/R Out to Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme (L/R)
4. AV Pre/Pro Front L/R Out to Odyssey Candela HT Bypass L/R
5. AV Pre/Pro Rear L/R Out to Odyssey Khartago
6. AV Pre/Pro Centre Out to Odyssey Stratos HT-3 Extreme (Centre)
7. Phono Preamp to Odyssey Candela
8. Music Hall MMF 2.2 to Phono Preamp
9. Reel to Reel to Odyssey Candela
10. Audiolab 8200CD to Odyssey Candela
11. Sonos ZP90 to Audiolab 8200CD via coax or optical
12. Oppo BDP-103 to AV Pre/Pro
13. Shaw Cable Box/PVR to AV Pre/Pro
14. Sony PS3 to AV Pre/Pro
15. Sony Bravia TV to AV Pre/Pro (HDMI Out)

Whew! I hope that I've got the configuration right. Let me know what you think.


Kal Rubinson
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Too much to read but this is

Too much to read but this is all you need for the bypass:

4. AV Pre/Pro Front L/R Out to Odyssey Candela HT Bypass L/R

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