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This is the main system


Speakers -- Revel Studio 2

Amp  --  Levinson #532H , not visible, behind front wall.

Pre amp -- Ayre KX-R

CD player ( as transport ) Ayre C5mp

DAC  -- Audio Research DAC8

Conditioning -- Shunyada V-Ray and two PS Audio Soloists

M.I.T. Oracle V2 speaker cables

Most power cords -- Shunyada Anaconda

Interconnects and digital links - N.B.S , Vandenhul, Audioquest, Shunyada, Madrigal, Transparent.

Two dedicated 20 amp circuits with isolated grounds for audio only

To many other tweaks to list 

S.M.E. 30/12 turntable and other rubble is now being used with the vintage system.

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very, very serious metal there :)

what kind of music to you listen to most, may i ask?

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I listen to a fair bit of Jazz , some rock/pop and reggae . 

My second system is tube based but i don't feel as close to the musicians with that setup .

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Been upgrading system number three, ( the garage system ).

Now using an Ayre C7mp intergraded amp, Audio Research DAC, Paradigm Anniversary Inspiration speakers, Cardas Clear speaker cable, Shunyata Python power cords, Vandenhul and Madrigal interconnects, PS Audio power conditioning and a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

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