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Ariel Bitran
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i fell in love with jazz and hip-hop on the same night, where Tribe Called Quest and John Coltrane both walked into my life. What a lovely pairing - i'm sure the artistic rap super-group and the sax god would have loved to jam together. I mean, it was Ron Carter playing the bass on their record "Low End Theory" so they're most certainly down with the jazzbos .

anyway, just thought i'd share my thoughts.

there's lots and lots and lots and lots of wonderful hip-hop out there.

the important thing to remember is that hip-hop started out as party music -- the best DJ's were the one's who never stopped, so instead of placing emphasis on melody or composition -- it became about flow and danceability. so if you can appreciate a dazzling run up the scale by Coltrane with his intense fluidity and violent breaks, you could probably dig Ice-T tearin' bitches apart. Its practically the same thing.

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Re: Hip-Hop

I admit to shring your affection for rap tunes....I been into it since ladies was wearing Sasoons.

I know, there's crap rap, but hey, every time someone says he likes rock music I don't start cringing and pointing out the existence of Styx, Moody Blues, Bad Company, Rush, etc....there's plenty of crap that needs to pass the crap filter in all genres.

I still have my original 12 inch from the Sugarhill Gang with my main man Hank on it!

Rap can be eerie, exuberant, pensive, insightful....and all those things that the great unwashed get upset about - - violent, misogynistic.....Hell, it can be as bad as country music, sometimes!

I guess if some chicks murders some guy's truck to teach him a lesson it's country music, and if someone says the same thing in a talking rhyme, it's rap representing a violent culture.

Gin and Juice is bad, but Whiskey River is a party tune.

Excitable Boy is mainstream pop, and Today was a Good Day is Ice Cube promoting antisocial violence.

Music is music.....except for that audiophile pap crap some of us plotz over.

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