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Hi-Res Audio experience for all, by Voxtok

Hello everybody and welcome !

You may don't know Voxtok yet: we are a French start-up offering an end-to-end Hi-Fi solution that includes an audio device, « Cloud » services and a multiplatform application (for cell phones, tablets and computers). Thanks to our partner Qobuz, you may enjoy High Fidelity online music, have access to all labels (majors or independent ones), as well as every artist of any music style in both Hi-Fi and HD quality.

The Voxtok capsule (VXK Capsule) is an integrated audio device that includes:
• An audiophile player
• A music server
• A local storage
• A CD ripper.

Discover the VOXTOK solution in this video:

Our Kickstarter launching campaign:

In the spirit of opening and transparency, we created this topic so that you could have a Voxtok interlocutor within Stereophile.

Our aim is to exchange views with you and provide as many answers as possible to your questions and / or comments.

Let's talk together about Voxtok products, of course, but also about their features (Cloud, streaming, applications) and technical characteristics, as well as the project progress.

We will also take your feed back into account and rely on you to share your passion for the audio field with us! :-)

If necessary, feel free to contact us via:


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