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Hi-fi Turntable for 1500$

I am looking to buy a Turntable for my active Dynaudio speakers set. I have 1500$ budget (only tt alone) for an easy to set-up and easy to upgrade TT. I can not decide between Rega, Music Hall, Pro-ject, Thorens, Clearaudio. Help me choose the brand and the model please. Thanks

My musical preferences are;

Sophisti-pop (Sade, Sting, Bryan Ferry, Basia, Style Council, Prefab Sprout, Swing Out Sister, etc.)

Vocal Jazz (Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, etc.)

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i've not heard tt's by all the brands you list, but i was recently in a highend audio shop in pasadena and the rega planar 6 blew me away at that price point. just IMHO.

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