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Hi-Fi digital with Zune

I have a 32gb Zune HD player with the Zune HD AV dock and I am wondering if this set up will give me good Hi-Fi reproduction.
The Zune sits into the AV dock and the dock has three outputs, HDMI, standard composite A/V, & optical. Here is my thought the set up. If I use the Zune dock's optical output going into a DAC and then analog to my amp will I get good quality Hi-Fi sound from my Zune.
The best format the Zune software will rip at is WMA Lossless and I have started to rip in that format.

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it will sound great. I am pretty sure you can use 48kHz sampling and MIGHT be able to use 24 bit files. Too bad those are so big. But the larger the file, the better the sound! I used wma lossless for a couple of years before I got a media player that would play flac, and I likes the lossless protocol just fine. So I would say get your cable and fire it up!

Remember to tell us how you like it.

And consider hooking up your computer the same way.


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