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Hi-fi could make you blind?


Hi-fi could make you blind?

They say that copious and continued pleasurable activities with the opposite gender - that requires the expelling of energy whilst vigorously jerking up and down...apparently has the effect of sending you blind - or at the least, has some sort of affectation on the eyes.

Also, there has been much research that explains why those who find themselves to be blind have more sensitive hearing.  There apparently is evidence that if one of the senses is being reduced in performance - another increases in gain.

My eyesight seems to be pretty much intact, which, under this measure, shows just how inactive and inexperienced  I must be in this frenzied activity.

Except I think the epithet saying that "too much sex sends you blind" may actually be inaccurate.

If it is true that if sight is affected  and your hearing increases in performance, what happens when sight is over-stimulated much, much more?...does hearing performance reduce?

If so then sex should make you more "deaf" not "blind", conversely to the way the old saying has it.

Perhaps Stereophile should test this to see if High end hi-fi can break this dichotomy and do some rudimentary trials. Perhaps just get some nice girls to expose their large, soft, wobbly, components on their front, to see if it has an affect on their hearing during the listening performance.

Conclusions to tests on every item and system would be a lot less dull. Designing the overall acoustics for listening rooms, may need to take into account the additional damping material that a whopping pair of mammories can add. Hi-Fi test experts may have to change their test procedures  and add a series of new listening positions for which the Stereophile public would need photos for validation. Imagine the changes to instruction manuals for maximum listening and other pleasures.

Perhaps this is an experiment that the great JA and the lads would like to take part in... to scientifically prove that a set of jiggling jugs does or doesn't have an affect on the overall musical pleasure and hearing performance.

If it does affect hearing in a negative way, then it isn't recommended to listen to Chopin's Polonaises opus 53, whilst thrusting uncontrollably into your chosen target of lusty desire. Nor heaving away sweatily, and grunting in front of $450,000 worth of hi end equipment when your own equipment is making ubiquitous slurping noises normally associated with this activity.... Although I have met some odd people who probably grunt in front of their equipment without the need for any activity.

If that act of copulation increases the sensitivity of hearing, then the design of a Hi-Fi shop listening room may need to change. Being given a girl to fondle at every visit of a Hi-Fi store would certainly give them a lot more business.

....I'd keep going back for repeat visits. may even buy...

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I think...

I think you might be on to something here.  I fully support testing of this hypothesis, and would even go as far as to volunteer myself as a test subject!

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