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Hey Everyone

Hey all,
I've been getting more and more serious about my audio over the years and have now reached that point where i've felt the urge to join a forum to converse with people that 'get' it.

I've had to build my current setup on a very small budget so have ended up with the following :

a Denon AVC-3803 Surround Amp (£40)
2 x B&W 601 S1's mounted on wall brackets either side of TV (£55)
1 x B&W CC6 S1 mounted on wall under TV (£60)
2 x Mission m7ds rear speakers mounted on back wall (-£150)
1 x Velodyne CHT-8r subwoofer (£40)

I was fortunate with the Missions that I bought a bundle off ebay with some Mission floorstanders, TEAC DAB, TEAC Surround Amp, Bose Soundbar / Centre etc for far more than their worth so ending up making a packet just to get hold of the Mission rears.

I run all films / music through locally attached drives to a Boxee Box, with the Audio coming into the Denon via Toslink Optical.

I have a small amount of money to spend to improve things a little on the 2Ch audio if I can so was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions where to start.

I was thinking there is probably a better quality Amp I could get used that now includes HDMI as well as Optical, and wasn't sure if i'd benefit from a new media player of any type considering i'm only sending a digital line-out.

I'd say I could spare £2-300 on upping the quality a notch. Have things come on such that i'd be better off spending the full amount on something new or are there better used options out there to split the money on ?

Would be good to hear anyone's thoughts .............


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