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Here is Help for Albums not showing up in Audirvana

I noticed a bug where Audirvana 2 on Mac; and probably also on PC, will not properly identify albums with .cue files in them!

The solution: delete all .cue files, delete the Audirvana database files (per their instructions; always backup in case something goes wrong)... Close Audirvana, and the next time you open it, it will ask for a new database location. Reset it up, and after it rebuilds the new database with the offending .cue files removed, voila! All of your albums and metadata are now there!

Here is a Unix script I used to automatically delete my .cue files: (again, please backup or be very sure of what you're doing before running any Unix scripts against your music library!!!) this worked for Mac, should also for Linux:

First, navigate to the root directory containing your music, then type this in:

find . -name "*.cue" -delete

Then, all .cue files are gone, with music still there.

Hope this helps a bunch of people!

Please reply if this helped you personally.... If I get enough replies, I may be able to enter a bug fix request with the software company.

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