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Help/suggestions on upgrading stereo system

Was looking for some help/suggestions which components are more important to upgrade for a stereo system upgrade?
(ex..Is it more important to have a better upgrade in speakers than better receiver and or better turntable than a receiver?Should I just upgrade my phono cartridge)

I listen to allot of vinyl and cd's.In vinyl listening I am looking for that nice clear/loud sound w/out spending $10k...want something that really enhances the vinyl sound that its meant to sound like.
I have a $1k/$1,500 budget no more then $500 on EACH components and speakers.

I currently have:
-Sony PS-LX300 USB turntable
-Technics SA-EX140 60hz/155w Receiver
-Bose 201 iv series

After researching stuff I was looking at these to get. What do you think and or do recommend something else?
-Pro-Ject III debut turntable
-Or keep my Sony turntable and just upgrade my cartridge to a Sumiko Pearl cartridge
-Yamaha A-S500......looking for a built in Amp for more sound in my receiver

Also what CD player is good to get under $500 that enhances the sound?

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First, only you know the type of sound you like when listening to the music you like. That said, my advise would be to go slow, have a plan and keep things simple. 

The equipment you have now doesn't sound like a bad start, I would say to pick the piece of equipment that you need to change the most and start from there. If there is any kind of audio shop near you, listen to some different equipment to see what you like and go from there. 



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Vanny, the specs you've

Vanny, the specs you've provided would indicate the power CONSUMED by the Technics, so I'd guess it outputs ~ 30 "honest" Watts per channel.  I'd try for about 80 - 100 Watts per side to sound better with most speakers.  Check SP's Recommended Components for better speaker choices than the Bose.  I'd also suspect the Pro-Ject III would be an upgrade, but others can tell you with greater certainty.  Decent CD players have also come down in price, so again, check SP's semi-annual recommendations.  Good luck!

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