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Help/suggestions on upgrading stereo system

Was looking for some help/suggestions which components are more important to upgrade for a stereo system upgrade?
(ex..Is it more important to have a better upgrade in speakers than better receiver and or better turntable than a receiver?Should I just upgrade my phono cartridge)

I listen to allot of vinyl and cd's.In vinyl listening I am looking for that nice clear/loud sound w/out spending $10k...want something that really enhances the vinyl sound that its meant to sound like.
I have a $1k/$1,500 budget no more then $500 on EACH components and speakers.

I currently have:
-Sony PS-LX300 USB turntable
-Technics SA-EX140 60hz/155w Receiver
-Bose 201 iv series

After researching stuff I was looking at these to get. What do you think and or do recommend something else?
-Pro-Ject III debut turntable
-Or keep my Sony turntable and just upgrade my cartridge to a Sumiko Pearl cartridge
-Yamaha A-S500......looking for a built in Amp for more sound in my receiver

Also what CD player is good to get under $500 that enhances the sound?

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At the risk of bringing all the Bose lovers out of the woodwork I suggest anything other than Bose speakers. In general USB TT's have a less than stellar reputation.

IMO you should upgrade your speakers and TT. Save your money and buy a good integrated amplifier later. The tuner section in your current receiver can be used with a replacement integrated if FM is important to you.

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