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Help with speaker cable, building my first real system

So I've googled around for hours now and I feel like I know less than before I started. I made the decision to make an investment and built myself a nice system from the ground up.

It will be comprised of:

Amp: NAD 356 BEE DAC

Turntable: Rega RP3 w/ Elys 2

Phono Stage: Clear Audio Basic (picked one up pre-owned)

Speakers: Audio Physic Classic 10's


What I'm stumped on now is speaker cable, the price ranges are massive and I really don't know what's snake oil vs real benefit. Is my system high end enough that speaker cable becomes a weak link? Thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in, just trying to figure this all out.

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System Choices

I hope I can save you from the mistake that I made.

I bought the NAD 356 amplifier, and eventually found that it did not have good sound quality, especially in the mid-bass region. My wife was especially annoyed with its "flat" sound and urged me to get rid of it.

It just seemed "washed-out' and the sound was uninvolving; nothing that was obvious at first, but in time it became apparent.

I also tried another NAD, an older less-powerful NAD 325, and it sounded much better (this was with a pair of very good PSB ImageT6 speakers).

I have had mixed results with NAD over the years; some models sounding very good and others quite mediocre.

For a really outstanding amplifier that will sound MUCH better, I suggest the Arcam A19.

You will find that #14 speaker cable from Monoprice will work very well.

I have tried a number of speaker cables from Audioquest and other companies, and the above cable works just as well.

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