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Help with Single Power PPX3-6SN7 amp

I recently inherited this amp, which was shipped across the country to me. It came with 6 tubes. 3 were in plain white boxes marked 1, 2, 3 (which I assume was intended to correspond to the positions on the amps deck, front to back?).


1- Ken-Rad 6SN7GT  VT231

2 and 3 - Sylvania 6SN7GT  VT231


The other 3 are electro-harmonix 6SN7EH in original boxes "Made in Russia".

Are these all the same and placement doesnt matter, or if there is a difference am I correct that the order would have the Ken-Rad in the front?

Apologies if this isnt the correct forum!

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Be careful


Research SinglePower on

Some people have had their SP amps catch fire. They are said to be very poorly built.

I would not have one in my home. But please do your own research . 

Just a friendly warning, I don't mean to rain on your (free) parade  :-)

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