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Help with simple setup - Emotiva UPA 200 + FOCAL CHORUS 807V or Powered Monitors?

Hey Guys - I could really use some help setting up a system. I am in a 400 sq ft strawbale studio cottage and my computer is my only source of sound. I was considering a set FOCAL CM65's, but the price is a bit beyond my budget and i'm not sure whether they would sound as good as passive speakers and an amp. I know i would regret buying the CMS50's just to save money.

So i came across this Emotiva UPA 200 (on sale now for $350) and a the Chorus 807V (on sale for $720). How do you think this setup would sound compared to the CMS65's?

Are there other speakers that would sound as good or better for less$$?

Finally - i have a Creative SB1095 USB sound card

Can this be connected directly to the UPA 200?

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I think you would have a hard time beating the 807V speakers at that price; Focal makes some excellent speakers, and that's a nice price. The 806V are also very similar for $599.

Obviously you need a power amplifier, but i don't know if connecting the sound card directly would work out or not.

Sometimes the volume control of a sound card has very crude steps that are not precise enough to control the volume very well. There might also be impedance matching issues. 

I suggest that you consider the Music Hall 15.3 integrated amplifier, which IMO will sound better and be much more versatile and user-friendly in the long run.

There have also been many user complaints in the AVS Forum about Emotiva's poor reliability and extremely poor customer service and support; real horror stories. Everything I read about that makes me very leery of Emotiva.

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