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Help planning AV and audio listening rooms...

I've done a fair amount of research on updating my AV setup, and creating a new audio listening room. Was wondering if I could get your opinions on some questions I'm working through.

I have a roughly L-shaped basement with the AV area at one end (that is darker), and a sitting area (for listening to music)

AV area (14'x18'): Will be updating my AV receiver and Blue Ray player. Something like Pioneer SC-1222-K or Denon 3313... Running some older Klipsch KSB speakers and subwoofer which I think sound great. Apple TV.

Audio area (14'x23'): Favoring Magnepan MMG. All music streamed from my computer.

Here's what I'm working through:

1) OK to wire in wall ~60-70' (up and down the walls and across the room and from speaker jack to speaker) 12 gauge from MMGs to the AV receiver? Less equipment and room clutter is an advantage. I would either stream music wireless to the Apple TV to the receiver, or if that proved suboptimal or unreliable, install a dedicated computer (Mac mini) to wire to the receiver.

2) Or will I be that much better served with dedicated preamp DAC+amp in the listening room? Such as the Emotiva XDA-2 + Emotiva XPA-200. Gives some flexibility to add a subwoofer, although I'm not really into overwhelming bass for music so see that as remote.

I am not a serious audiophile (at this point) but will appreciate quality sound. Do not listen to music too loud.

Thanks for any opinions, advice, and help.

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Anything over 20'

Use at least 10awg wiring.  If you're not going audiophile stuff, and it sounds like you're not, try 10awg Romex.  It runs easy, is durable, and works well with up to a 40 amp draw.  The small increase in capacitance far out weighs the reduction in resistance and it takes a very well designed multistrand array, think Kimber or Cardas or the old Wasatch to have a more balanced sound than good ole' Romex solid core house wiring.

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