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Help me not buy a Crosley

My nephew is 14 and he's getting drawn into vinyl by a friend who is really into the 50's.

They've discovered you can buy records for $0.99 at Goodwill. More importantly, he's found my deceased parents' records -- Elvis, The Stones, etc.

All of this budding interest is great until you find out what they want to play these on: The Crosley

Amazon reviews suggest it's about as good as its price suggests and more likely to wreck the records than play them.

So I'm trying to give him a cool gift that also won't destroy the vinyl. The U-Turn Orbit seems interesting, but then I'd need to get a phono pre-amp. Or I could get something like this, which includes the pre-amp.

Any advice?

Thank you

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I'd probably suggest

And old NAD or Arcam integrated and the U-Turn or maybe step up to the Rega RP-1. Budget permitting.

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