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Help me narrow down my tube amp choices

Hi Everyone,

I've been collecting vinyl for a few years now and bave been using an old Impro PE 3048 turntable into an old Kenwood reciever with corwin-vega speakers. Now that I have a decent budget I'm looking to spend $1500-2000 on some new speakers and a tube integrated amp or tube power/pre amp setup. Unless you guys can suggest some steady state amps that would sound better than a tube amp in this price range. Background info: I listen to pretty much just rock & roll, psych, and blues, and my appt is about 1200 sq ft with tall ceilings in the living room (where my setup will be). I've been doing some research and I've come up with a couple amp ideas.

1. Dynaco ST70 Power amp with a NAD PP 3i pre-amp or Dynaco PAT 5 pre-amp

2. Dynaco SCA 35 integrated amp

Am I on the right track or are there other tube amps out there that would be a better bang for my buck?

I havent put much research into speakers yet so I'm open to aything that you guys think would benefit this setup.


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I have just listed my Musical Fideity M3i amplifier in the Classified section on AVS Forum.

I am asking $950 plus shipping, and it might be exactly what you want; a very nice-sounding musical amplifier.

There are very few decent tube amps for the kind of money you talking about. Jolida has one, the 502, that is fairly good for around $1500, but IMO my M3i is a much better-sounding amplifier and also cost $1500 new.

Do you want floorstanding speakers or bookshelf/monitor speakers?

For $1300, the PSB Image T6 floorstanding speakers are unbeatable IMO. Check out the Articles on them in Stereophile and The Absolute Sound.

For bookshelf/monitor speakers I would recommend the Gallo Acoustics CL-2, which is outstanding for only $800 per pair.

The old Dynaco amplifiers are fair, but they really need to be rebuilt and upgraded with high-quality film coupling capacitors and new power-supply capacitors to compete with modern amplifiers. 

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