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Help me decide which to keep - Revel Salon2 vs Mcintosh XRT-28

Hello all,

I'm new to the Sterophile forum. I recently purchased a pair of Revel Ultima Salon2s and have been doing comparative listening to my McIntosh XRT-28s. I realize the decision on which speaker sounds better is based on the individual listener, but I wanted to see if anyone else has listened to either speaker and can share their experience.  I also realize that these speakers are very different in design, the Macs being a line array speaker vs the Revels being a point source speaker. Both have their distinct sound, and both sound incredible. Unfortunately I can only keep one pair. Thanks in advance.

My audio equipment:

Amps - McIntosh MC501s

Pre-amp - McIntosh MX120

CD Player - Oppo BDP-95 

Kal Rubinson
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Hey, man, it's your problem. 

Hey, man, it's your problem.  If I was to say to keep one and toss the other, there would be another poster on my tail with the opposite opinion.  You are correct that they are very different and sound very different;  that should make for an easier choice.  It would for me.


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I'd keep the Revels

but that is just me. I have never been thrilled with McIntosh loudspeakers and that line array speaker always seemed a little too much in your face.

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Kals right, and so is Jackfish. Maybe you should take Stereophiles advice, the reveiw on the Salons ( vol 31 #6 ) was excellent, but I can't even recall when they tested a Mac speaker, maybe that says something. Or since you have both in house just keep the one you like.

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Tough decision, but leaning towards the Revels

I spent a good part of the last 2 days listening to the Revel Salon2s and comparing them to my McIntosh XRT-28s. This is a good problem to have in deciding which speaker to keep. I've listened to a wide variety of music on both speakers including Jazz, Classical, New Age, and Rock On most of these recordings, the Revels (IMHO), have the best overall sound. The Revels bring out more detail, each instrument can clearly be heard, where the Macs seem more open and airy. The one area where the Macs seem a bit better is with string instruments. I plan to spent the next few weeks in making my decision, will probably have a few of my audio buddy's come over listen with me, but right now, I'm really liking these Revels. Will update in a week or two. Thanks for everyone's inputs.


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