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Help me choose an integrated amp for my system (max budget $3000)

I recently started building what to me is my first great home stereo. The primary role of the system is to play vinyl.

I'm looking to upgrade my current amp , an NAD 356BEE to get more out of the rest of my components. Looking to cap budget at $3k

Here's the rest of my system:

Turntable: Rega RP6

Phono Stage: Clear Audio Basic

Speakers: Audio. Physic Classic 10


Here are some artists I've played recently to give you an idea of what my needs might be:

Buckingham Nicks

Led Zeppelin

Dire Straights

Weather Report

Faith No More

Tom Petty

Thanks in advance for your help.

JoeE SP9
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Krell S-300i, $2495. 150 WPC @ 8 Ohms, 300 WPC @ 4 Ohms.

Bill B
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or Vincent tube/solid state hybrid

Vincent SV236 MK ($2000) reviewed & praised by Michael Fremer

or its new replacement SV237 ($2400) (has a USB input/DAC)

150 WPC @ 8 Ohms, 250 WPC @ 4 Ohms

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The Musical Fidelity M3i is an excellent integrated amplifier that sells for $1500.

Due to the pending sale of one of my homes, I have one to sell for only $950.

It replaced a NAD 356BEE in my system; I did not like the 356BEE at all. I think the 326BEE actually sounds better than the 356BEE.

It is like new and I can ship it in the original box.

I think it would be an excellent addition to your system.

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The NAD is a great all

The NAD is a great all rounder. If you like its sound, you may want to look for a used Accuphase recent 200 or 300 series. I went up the same path, and the NAD was a tough act to follow until I got the Accuphase E306v.

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