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Help me build a budget system!

Hi! I'm just starting out my hi fi journey and would love some advice from some experienced audio nerds. :)

Here is a little background. I have a surround sound system, Mission M71i mains, smaller missions in the back, mission sub, powered by a Yamaha RX-V440 receiver. I have no problems with it for movies but I want a dedicated 2 ch. system in a separate room strictly for music.

I just bought a Vintage 1970s Sony ES integrated amp last night from a dude that restores them. Now I need a pair of speakers. Currently I'm using a pair of Pioneer CS-G7000 towers with cracked foam on the woofers. My problem is I'm not sure if I should go used or new with the speakers. The guy I bought the amp from has a pair of CELESTION-DITTON-DL6 for $150 CND. and a pair of INFINITY-6-KAPPA-REFERENCE-SERIES with stands for $650 CND. I could also get a pair of Paradigm Titans with stands for around that. Not really sure if the speakers he has are any good? or if buying used speakers is a good idea.

I know you are going to ask what kind of sound I'm going after... I'm not quite sure but I can tell you I tried a pair of Magnepan 12QRs because Magnepan get amazing reviews from audiophiles but I found them to be too laid back and lacking bass. I loved the sound staging and the clarity up top but I'd like a more full sound that is crisp down low and life like all around.

Thanks in advance!

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