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Help B&W 630 speakers
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745E wrote:


Not trying to do a sales job here but do need advice on how best to sell a pair of 630's that are in need of some TLC...(kids pushed in - but did not puncture tweeters, etc)

To me they are works of art but I simply don't have the space for them any longer. And to sell them is just not easy.

Any suggestions? I don't want to toss them...

Sell them on EBay.

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My brother bought them the early '90s for about $!300 (HI-FI cable included). They have been my main speakers for 22 years and replaced my Martin Speakers USA 110 Micro-Max, which I still have but use only as rear speakers.I bought them after listening to them. I went to the shop with the idea of replacing my Martins with a Triphonique model that would take up less space in my living room and I ended up with these speakers. I was seduced by their sound quality that dwarfed the Bose Triphonique back then.
The only problem with this type of speakers is their size when you want to install them in reduced spaces or rooms with lots of furniture. Even if they are not the best speakers out there, they require an appropriate space. However, I have them hidden behind the shelfs that surround my plasma, which speaks highly of their quality and versatility. And even in this more than questionable position, they deliver!

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