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Help: Bookshelf speakers for low volume listening??
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Robert Reina has been on a roll reviewing standmount speakers lately. You might want to read some of his reviews and his comparisons to other speakers. Here's a paragraph of his review of the Epos Elan 10:

"In the Elan 10, the Epos design team has designed a stunning and virtually flawless loudspeaker. On a number of levels it exceeded the performance of its predecessor, the M5i, and overall, it has impressed me more than any other Epos model I've heard in my house. I've now reviewed several dozen bookshelf speakers, and can think of none that offers more sound quality per dollar than the Elan 10."

And here's a link to Stereophile's latest reviews of standmount speakers.

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They are a darn nice speaker and sound really good at lower volumes. The D5 is a bit bigger than the D4 and will go down to 50hz. A lot of clarity and a big soundstage for a little speaker. They are $999 a pair. You could check out the Revel Performa 3 M105. They are $1500 but amazingly good speakers. I power mine with a 50w Rega Brio R and love them.

This is a little bit of a longshot but check and see if any local Dynaudio dealers have the Excite X-12's. They were discontinued and if they have them in stock you might be able to get a deal on them. The x-14's are the current speaker and would be prices between the Peachtree's and the Revels.

Good luck.

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I suggest that you get some sealed (non-ported) speakers for that type of listening. Most speakers are ported, and the ports make positioning fairly critical. This could be a problem in your situation.

The NHT Classic Model 2 is an excellent speaker that I would recommend.

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If your looking for 'non-fatiguing' you may want to consider auditioning some Harbeth's.


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The KEF LS50s are on the upper end of your budget, but surely making Recommended Components Class A list should count for justification... It would be nice to get 'me all, though, wouldn't it?

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