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Help: Audio cutting out at low volume

Wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes: If I play music at low volume (usually when guests are over or the kids are studying), the audio will cut out after a few minutes at low (but very listenable) volume. I can bring it back by "jolting" it with a burst of higher volume, but then the problem repeats when I turn it back down. More facts:

- It is source-agnostic: It happens whether I'm streaming music or playing a CD.
- My set-up is amp, preamp, tuner, turntable, CD, Squeezebox (for streaming), and a pair of bookshelf speakers.

It's driving me crazy. Any ideas?



Bill B
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There is a remote chance that...

someone is using a remote?  possible a tv remote in another room, or a remote with something on top of it that's pressing on the volume button?  Stuff happens when guests are over or kids are "studying".

JoeE SP9
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What brand and model of preamp and power amp are you using?

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Damaged wiper on the volume pot?

...just a thought.

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