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Hello! Any recommendations for me? ;)

Hello everybody!

I'm a newbie on HiFi, and as much I read, the most confused I get! surprise

I have just purchased a Denon AVR-2113. Now I'm using an incredible low quality sony speakers, so it is time to purchase a new pair of front speakers.

I have plans to purchase the central channel and the sub in a few months

My room is about 6x4, and the distance between the tv and the sofa is around 2,5-3m

I have seen some interesting speakers, like:

  • Q-acoustics 2020i
  • Wharfedale 10.1
  • Polk TSi 200

The main problem is I can't try the speakers on a shop, just becouse I live in a small town and there is not any shop with stock. All of them works under catalogue orders.

So please. Can you recommend me any speakers? 

My budget is someting up to 250$


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Try out..

The new little Pioneer, PSB, used JM Lab, maybe an old pair of Advents.

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Wharfedale 10.1 opinion

Having listened to the speakers you describe, The advice I will give you, is you have to listen for yourself, you suggest great choices, but the sound you may be looking for in your system is AN EXTREMELY PERSONAL THING!

The Wharfedales are fantastic, a little shy in the low end, I fell in love with them, they are incredibly musical and match my taste.

Polk: I listened to about 5 models and they were too bright in the upper-mid range for me, I prefer a more laid back soundstage, out of the Polks, if I had to reccoment one, it would be the TSI 200's

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR are fantastic for clarity! the best bargain out there

They will need a sub to get the full range, they need some power to drive them, but they are incredible value for money if you look out you may find them for $90 and then pick up a pioneer sub to supplement them.

Speakers will last you a long time, shop well and listen before you buy, order online to audition in your home, you will only pay return shipping, depending on the company you order from

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I understand the difficulty

I understand the difficulty of being able to listen to speakers you might like as I also live in a small town. I would order the speakers that you are most interested in from a store that will give you at least 30 days for a trial. I have read many good things about the 10.1's that I would be interested in hearing them. Good luck

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