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Headshells 101

Ok. I see so many blogs, videos, and reviews on cartridges / stylus. I settled on the Shure 97Xe for my listening pleasure. I'm still waiting on it to come in the mail.

But what..what about the headshell? I see big name, expensive products from the likes of Ikeda, Ortolan, and others. No reviews, videos, write-ups on why you'd want to for up hundreds for their headshell. The cartridge from does have to travel through the leads and headshell, so I'd assume this is worth a discussion. I don't want to use my 97xe with a $5 headshell/lead pack off ebay from China...or do I?

Why is it?

Is it the weight? Well my technics 1200 have a counterweight which can apply as much weight that my stylus needs.

Is it the material of construction? This doesn't make any sense.

Gold vs Silver? Gold's superior for corrosion resistance and I don't think this should matter either.

Any input is appreciated. I want to know what the community knows about this topic. The information online is lacking very much...considering all the press that the cartridge gets. Maybe its for the simple reason that the headship DOESN'T Matter??? Thanks!!

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