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Headshell mass

I want to pickup a spare headshell for my Mitsubishi LT-20.  The readily available choices seem to be the Ortofon SH-4 ($30, 9.4g) and the Sumiko HS12 ($90, 11.4g), at least that's what I've seen posts on.  Anyway, two questions:  1.) Should I expect that much difference for the extra $60 spent on the Sumiko?  and 2.) My stock Mitsubishi headshell is listed at 6.2g.  Is the extra mass of the Ortofon (+3.2g) or the Sumiko (+5.2g) anything to be concerned about?  I'll be running a Soundsmith-rebuilt Grace F9-E if that makes a difference.  Thanks for any advice.

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The Ortofon headshell is probably just fine.

The Mitsubishi LT-20 will accept any standard headshell so the sky's the limit for your choices.  The additional weight of the headshells you are looking at will add to your effective tonearm mass, so if the compliance of your cartridge is at the margins for your tonearm it may make a difference. If it is you may be able to find a headshell near the weight of the original.

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