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You need to start some random drug testing! Well, maybe not so random after all.

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That looks like the stuff I bought at Home Depot to seal the cracks around the
plumbing in my house. Man, look how much of that stuff the guy had to use to fill up just one of Wes' ears. There must be a lot of empty space in there;)

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From one bald-headed man to another - how di it feel (I am up for this process in the next month or so...).

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John told me it was uncomfortable. Apparently, when he did it the goo was ice cold and it felt slimy. UE's audiologist worked the stuff vigorously with his hands before injecting it in my ear, so it was body temperature and not all that bad. I felt like an idiot sitting there with my mouth open and John and Jeff laughing at me and taking my picture, but feeling like an idiot is not a new experience for me.

But I have to say that two weeks hasn't gone by this slowly since I sent away for a Superman costume off the back of a ceral box. I can't wait to get the UE-10 pros.

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