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HDtracks WMG releases


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Are these really Hi-Rez?

Other forums are reporting a lot of supposed Hi-Rez material from this source is in reality simply CD quality upsampled, something most of us can do...

I cannot speak with any assurance on this question but there is a LOT of comment on forums dedicated to computer front ends and Hi-Rez...


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Another issue

In addition to the many upsampled CD quality recordings that are being sold at premium prices to deep pocketed audiophiles by these less than honest "high resolution" web sites there is also the issue of dynamic range compression, aka "The Loudness War". It seems that even though a given recording may actually be a true high resolution version further analysis of the dynamic range often indicates that the high resolution version has the same poor, highly compressed dynamic range as the CD version. The HDTracks version of the Allman Brothers' Live at the Fillmore is just one example of this terrible practice. And where is Stereophile's voice on these important issues regarding computer based high end digital audio? Silent, as usual.

Ariel Bitran
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I'm keeping this thread here

so we don't have duplicate posts in mulitple forums.

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