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HD YouTube file accessing

According to and
adding “&hd=1” , “&hd=18” and/or “&hd=22” to the end of a YouTube file’s URL code,     will access the HD version of the file (which by default uses a better quality audio codec and/or a higher bit rate), if such a file version was created and uploaded.

But what is a video embedder? How does it differ from the player at YouTube’s and/or Vimeo’s site?

Is there a particular player/embedder that I can download (free or not) which, among other things, can be set to also automatically locate the HD version of the file on the web-even it’s no longer posted at YouTube? If yes, please suggest one.

Is there a way to enable that embedder or player so that it always grabs the HD or HQ file first-and so eliminate the need to add the above suffixes to the URL?

I typically use Firefox. Excuse the possibly dumb question but are all browsers the same or might one somehow provide wider access to these HD version files? Or are there special HD or video quality browser settings?

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