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Jeff Wong's picture

You remind me of Bill Oddie from the Goodies in this pic!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Who is this serial killer? Who am I? My world just collapsed. You should see the look on my face: fear, shock, awe, and all sorts of befuddlement and wonder. I'm so confused right now.

John_Atkinson's picture

We all had long hair back then, Stephen. It was the LAW!

nunh's picture

That's great - looks like Grand Funk Railroad's new bassist!

atalio's picture

Very cool look, John. If I were some groovy british R&R'l band leader in the 60's, I'd hire you as my bassist--on the spot--without an audition. Like Greg Brady, you fit the vest! (Not to take away anything from any natural rhythm you might have.)

Jon_Iverson's picture

Now I understand the fixation with Spinal Tap!

Roy E.'s picture

Derek Smalls!

Jahn's picture

Needs More Cowbell.

John_Atkinson's picture

And I win on sheer length of my tresses!

Stephen Mejias's picture

Keep it growin', JA.

Glotz's picture

Nick Mason of Pink Floyd...! Done and done.

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