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Dup man i can only imagine what you do with all that power! whats the farthest neighbor who has filed a complaint with police :)

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Holy Christ! 4200 Watts should be enough to resurrect the dead! If you manage to raise him, "bring me the Dead of Jerry Garcia."

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Elvis is not DEAD, he is alive when done on his SACD at power Yes there is an Elvis SACD sounds gooooooood

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Hey, I have that SACD too. It has like 50 of his songs on it, pretty sweet deal! ;)

I also got that new Doors Box Set, "Perception." It has some new stereo remixes in DVD-A, Surround tracks of the originals (not in Advanced Resolution I think, but I can't really tell with my weak studio monitors I'm using as temporary surrounds), and everything on CD. If I knew the DVD-A portion was remixes of the original stuff and not the original stuff, I wouldn't have bought it. :(

The remixes sound bad IMO. I prefer SACD anyway, so hopefully they will release all of the originals on SACD.

I hope MFSL makes that deal to put out a Rush album or two on SACD. I'd buy that for sure....

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The amps shown here have been replaced with an even higher power version VanAlstine/Hafler P500 Same Mosfets )Exicons in AVA REBUILD, new driver boards) But the AC main transformer is much larger. Under test is was close to 1400W RMS watts in mono so i run 4 VanAlstine OmegaStar EX rebuilds in teh Hafler P500 chassis which is about 4600-4800W RMS. Now running off 3 15A lines In order to reproduce live music with SLAM and IMPACT with detailed bass and sparkling highs...WATTS does it. VanAlstine sonic beautys Fast with 800V/uS slew super low like .01% distortion, super reliabilty driven of course with some AVA Ultra DAC some Ultra EC preamps from VanAlstine some other assorted stuff SACD on other players.

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You should take some pics and post them (not an order, just a suggestion).

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