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Not Insane
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Greetings from Kentucky

Not really looking for specific advice right this minute but thought I'd at least check in since I just signed up.

My entry into hi-fi was building a Dynaco 400 and Pat-5, and I sold hi-fi in the Seattle area in the 70's and early 80's. I started collecting vintage (70's) separates about 15 years ago, getting from estate sales (for pennies on the dollar) the stuff I could only dream about in the 70's. Naturally, I also acquired a few thousand vinyl LP's the same way, always in "bulk lots" of 50+ for five to ten bucks. I picked up a few turntables as well, never paying more than $30 (since I really didn't "need" them).

I rediscovered vinyl at about the same time and pulled out my old Kenwood KD500 and have been using that as my main TT ever since.

Eight years ago I moved to a 32 acre "farm" in VERY rural Kentucky. I only kept around a thousand of the estate sale LP's that I really liked (and the two thousand I acquired before that) and sold off the rest. They're heavy and I only had so much room in the truck. I also sold off all the turntables except a lovely Yamaha PF-50 and my original Kenwood.

FWIW, I also downsized from my bi-amped system to a simple satellite system with subwoofer. The farm-house is a far cry from the five bedroom monster I had in Seattle, so compromises had to be made. Fortunately, technology allows it to sound almost as good as it used to with the big ESS's.

Since moving here I also picked up a used Audio Technica AT LP120 that I directly connect to my computer system via USB.

Anyway, This site seems a little quiet but I look forward to sharing and reading the posts of some of the other members here.

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