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Great equipment, terrible setup....

I have been looking for a decent way to set up my speaker system and havent really found what im looking for yet. I would appreciate anyone that could tell me a great setup for my speaker system.

This is what I have acquired over the past year for about $300

I am using a Mac book pro and itunes to listen to all my music.

I have 2 logitech z 5500's
2 logitech z 2300's (Just the 8 inch sub's)

so total I have 4 subs and 10 speakers (5 speakers each for the logitech z 5500). its in a 8 by 12 foot space with tile flooring and brick wall so I can def feel the music but i know i can get more out of what i have.

i have a 3.5mm cord coming from my macbook to a Rolls HA43 Pro 4 channel headphone splitter. (all 4 systems are connected to the Rolls because it allows for 4 splits.)

I have thought about getting a better amp but cant really seem to find one that is going to split into 4 channels like the rolls. Also im thinking about getting a digital to analog converter?

Let me know what you guys think. It is very loud but im new to this so i know there is probably a better setup. Thanks

Kal Rubinson
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IMHO, getting a DAC for those

IMHO, getting a DAC for those speakers is pointless.  I would consider what you have as a fall-back system, not worthy of further investment.  Enjoy it while you save your bucks for some real speakers and amps.


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Consolidation is what you

Consolidation is what you need my friend. Four subs probably are just cancelling each other out (for real- it's a well-known bass wave affect) and there is no way you are getting all those speakers to work togther properly, especially in that room.

Just get two good speakers (those Pioneers reviewed in the latest issue come to mind) and use one sub only, if you must. Usually, good sound starts with simplicity and focus. From there, you may look for a better DAC and other upgrades, but right now your setup is is working against you.

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Consolidation is what you need my friend


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