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Grace F9E replacement

I'm on my second Grace F9E cartridge. Not knowing any better, I'm thinking that it's getting long in the tooth. If I don't have anything else to compare it to, how do I know if I need a replacement? And if I do replace it, is there a currently available cartridge that comes close (or surpasses) the Grace in the same price range (<$500)? Or should I just send the old guy to Sound Smith to get it re-tipped? Any advice would be appreciated.

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you could try...

comparing the sound to the sound of a CD of the same music. if it doesnt measure up, then soundsmith is the answer. in the meantime you could snag another cart like a grado black or at95e or ortofon 2mRED. all affordable and its not a bad idea to have and extra around for dry spells. having an arm with detachable headshell is beneficial.

theres no way on this forum to list equipment easily. my system is here:

i too have an f9e or two and its one of the most endearing sounds.

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